Working with sports media, we are capable of developing customised webs and apps for sports fans engagement; collecting and distributing live sports data to ensure the content consumers never miss any of their sports events.

With sports live feed, we’ve successfully helped our clients for their professional website and apps development for the Olympics and football events.

Different from traditional video streaming or text broadcasting, to enhance the fans engagement experience, we developed interactive football event broadcast solution, which visualises the sports event in graphic as it goes on, lively updates any match related information including market trends, and provides dynamic interactive engagement that allow the user to focus on the information of his own interests.

We are experienced in acquirement, analysis and distribution of sport data in different approaches. No matter which sports you are keen on, and no matter if you have preference on video or text engagement for your favourite sports, these data services are all available on your request.

Sports Analysis:Alright, Be ALL RIGHT.

In this industry, our expertise in data processing and analysing helped every one of our clients to tightly follow the latest trends in sport events.

First of all is about the accuracy and timing, we deliver the online data analysis report lively to our clients through different methods and format including but not limited to website, mobile apps, and APIs.

We provide more beyond these, through our advanced prediction model based on tremendous amount of different data. Factors and elements across different dimensions, no matter huge or tiny, all can be considered and processed dynamically in our analytical model to generate different index for your decision making and bring your correct prediction rate into a brand-new high level.

With help of these services for pre-match prediction and post-match in-depth analysis, our customers can make their decision easy and pro.

Nonferrous Metals:

We have been working with clients in smelting industry for nonferrous metals market. With our data management and visualisation services, the clients are happy to receive the news in the industry in a timely manner through webpage. Also the prices and trends for different nonferrous metals in the exchange market are collected and visualised in real time via our data services.

Social Media:

Our sentiment analysis service helped our clients ‘reading minds’ from large quantity of posts in social media. ‘Samsung or Apple?’ ‘Exit or Stay?’ ‘Support Liverpool FC or Man United?’, ‘to be or not to be?’ they are no longer dilemma that hard to decide. We are able to quickly and dynamically analyse thousands of posts from social media to break everyone’s opinion into elements with meaning and preference, then reveal the public sentiment on the given topic as valuable input for your decision on marketing strategy, purchasing plan, consumer research or travel plan.

Tourist Industry:

Obviously, no one like to let the horrible whether or desperate crowd spoil your holiday. With our business partner, we customised data service to extend it into tourist industry. Based on big data of statistics and people’s preferences,we are able to map the popularity of different tourist attractions, at different time of the year. Not only useful for tourists, but also helps tourist service authorities and organisations better prepare for holiday seasons.